Lazer Tag Gun Set Game – Two to Four Player Laser Tag for Kids – Indoor and Outdoor Family Games

Product Features

  • ⚡ AWESOME FOUR PLAYER BLASTER TAG SET ⚡ Blast into battle with four amazing, semi-automatic, infrared pistols. Choose your teams, grab your guns and let the futuristic combat begin!
  • ⚡ COMPLETE TOY GUN BATTLE SET ⚡ Unlike all other blaster tag games on Amazon, Blazeray battle blasters are supplied complete with RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES AND CHARGER INCLUDED
  • ⚡ THE BEST BACKYARD BLASTER TAG GAME ⚡ With realistic ammo reloading, real time life bars, vibrating hit feedback, tactical flashlight, and precision shot sniper scope, the Blazeray blaster set will turn your backyard, lounge, or park into a merciless battle arena!
  • ⚡ FUTURISTIC FUN BLASTER BATTLES ⚡ Choose from five selectable shot modes for authentic warfare sounds. This cutting edge team game, is multiplayer fun, guaranteed!
  • ⚡ ADVANCED GUN SHOOTING GAMES ⚡This immersive, multi player's, blaster handgun kit is the ultimate action game for parties, family fun and outdoor gaming!
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Product Description

Step into a futuristic battle zone!
Blast your way through enemy fighters!
Experience high octane combat in your own backyard!
The Blaster Tag Set from Blazeray is the ultimate in advanced warfare gaming!

Multiplayer All Out War
Battle your buddies, indoors or out, with four photon pistols you can team up or fight all against all in a next century battle between friends and family!

Realistic Reload
Spin the chamber to reload your blaster, just don’t get caught in the crossfire when you’re out of ammo!

Real Time Health Bars
Try not to get shot! Your health meter will empty every time you get hit, once all your lives are gone, you’ll be out of the game and have to wait to respawn!

Vibrating Hit Feedback
With a built in rumble pack, you’ll feel the impact of each shot immersing you in the space age combat!

Tactical Flashlight
For night time blasting, under barrel flashlights are fitted as standard, just turn them on and create black-ops style missions in your backyard!

Precision Shot Sniper Scope
Enhance your aim, and score more hits when you play, each pistol is equiped with it’s own targetting sight for extreme accuracy!

Five Shot Modes
Customise your gaming and select from five awesome gun shot sounds! From magnum tones to phaser blasts, your battle, your way!

Batteries and Charger Included
The only phaser tag game on Amazon that’s good to go, straight out of the box, Blazeray include batteries and charger! You have all you need to enjoy epic energy weapon wars!

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