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2016 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar BoxIf you’re like me, you love LEGOs, and everything they meant to you when you were a kid. They were a symbol of endless possibilities, of all the adventures that you wish you could have but that you couldn’t.

One of the best gifts that you could end up getting as a kid was a good LEGO calendar set, which meant that for every new day you’d get a great new toy to go with it.

Even better than just regular old LEGOs though was the chance to get a themed collection to have fun with.

Star Wars has always been a favorite world that I loved to play in as a kid, so when looking for LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit Best Deals, I think these days I’d check in on Amazon.

Little kids love playing with LEGOs, and they love playing like they’re in Star Wars. I have never seen a child who wouldn’t pretend to be Luke Skywalker fighting the evil Darth Vader for the fun of it. When you give them the chance to do just that with a LEGO set, you’ll have yourself one happy youngster.

lego-star-wars-advent-calender-2016-chewbacca-White-SnowGetting the 2016 LEGO Advent Calendar from Amazon makes it so that your kid doesn’t even know that it’s coming. You can surprise them with a great gift when they come home from school, making sure that they get as excited as they can when you give it to them.

Everyone likes great surprises, and no child is upset when they get told they’re going to get a new LEGO toy every day for the twenty for days before Christmas.

There’s even a chance that you can slow down your child’s escalating excitement for the upcoming fountain of presents that you plan on showering them with. You don’t want them waking you up at two in the morning to check and see if Santa has visited yet, so if you can sate their thirst for new toys bit by bit, it’s going to be great for your sleep cycle.

LEGO-Star-Wars-75146-Holiday-Advent-Calendar-2016-CharacterAnd you know that you’re getting something good when the only complaint that people seem to have with the calendar is that it has a bit of a markup because it isn’t generic LEGOs, but instead licensed figures. Kids don’t want generic heroes though; they want names that they remember on figures they can relate to. They don’t want or need to create their own stories and instead they want to play with ones that already exist.

So when the worst complaint you have is about a slight increase in price, and that is only a single revue, you know that people are very happy with their purchases. With predominantly 4 to 5-star rating, with the only 3 star being the single complaint, you know that when you’re thinking about getting the LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit Best Deals, you’d going to want to see what Amazon has to offer for you.

So if you’re in the Christmas spirit already, and thinking as far ahead as you can to keep your child satisfied with a great collection of LEGOs, you need to think about where you want to buy from.

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2016 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

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