LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit Review

lego-star-wars-75146-advent-calendar-building-kit-boxThe LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit is one amazing gift that any Star Wars fanatic would love to receive during the Christmas season.

It is like opening up a gift every day during the lenten season to reveal 24 Lego Star Wars mini figures from the 1st of December until the 24th.

It is one festive tour of the galaxy and beyond as you re-create and collect all the gifts that include eight mini figures (like Hoth, Tatooine, and Naboo), a nasty-looking Battle Droid, and a holiday-themed collectible.

You can unfold all the character themes at the foldable play mat that comes with the kit. You can also use the mat to play your own spaceship battles using the characters, battleships, and space guns – at the comforts of your home.

lego-star-wars-75146-advent-calendar-building-kit-box2There are Star Wars vehicles that you must have remembered from the iconic movie like the Tie Interceptor, Jedi Interceptor, AAT, Sleigh, T-16 Skyhopper, Republic Cruiser, Droid Gunship, and an Imperial Landing Craft.

These ships are what made the experience long-lasting. The zooming and the blasting on the screen are hard to forget. Creating all these miniatures by the used of the Lego blocks can be an adventure that you and your family would enjoy immensely.

The vehicles can add up to the experience by creating the conflict situations that you only saw at the movies. So take a trip to the galaxy and be one with your Star War heroes in re-creating the euphoria of the epic battle in your own time and space.

LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit mini figurines close upsTo further add excitement to the kit, are the weapons that were used by the guardians of the universe. Who can forget the great Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber that can blast all unwanted enemies to kingdom come?

What about the blaster pistols that can kill all the robots of the First Order until they turn into smithereens? Or the snow caster that makes travel faster as it glides through the air at the speed of a bullet hammering through the air?

These weapons – Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber, two blaster pistols, three blasters, and a snow caster comes with the entire package.

The Lego Advent Calendar is an awaited event by fanatics every year. The most recent Star Wars Kit brings back fond memories of the events and characters from the original trilogy of the movie.

LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit mini figurines.jpg

LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit mini figurines

Lego has added two new mini-figures with this new kit – a new protocol Droid and the iconic Chewbacca. More characters should have been added, but these two miniatures are a welcome addition to this holiday kit.

It has been noticed, though, that the characters from the new star war series, the Force Awakens, is not included in the kit. Hopefully, it will be included in next year’s holiday kit.

The LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit consist of 282 pieces that you can use for building the miniatures. It currently retails at US$39.99 online.

This is a wonderful gift to give to LEGO Star Wars fans from any galaxy – from 6 to 14 years old.

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